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Thread: Hotforex SCAM

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    Hotforex SCAM

    Hotforex is a big scam broker. It claims to be STP/ECN that is seen in all its advertisement on different websites, but hotforex is actually a pure market maker.

    Look at scammer hotforex website, no liquidity providers names published, when was a client asked 2 account managers in different periods, who are hotforex liquidity providers?, they both answered that they can't share that because it is a secret they get special prices!!haha

    We all know that scammer hotforex prices are nothing special, average spreads and high commission of $10 per round turn lot when other brokers have $4-5-7 commission.

    All ECN/STP brokers who respect themselves and are well regulated dedicate a page on their website to show their liquidity providers names, others stamp on their main page logos of their liquidity providers(Lp's).

    By this, these brokers are making it official, so any client, regulator or LP(name involved) can charge the broker if its claims turn false but when scam broker hotforex publish nothing on its site that turns it very suspicious because it shows no honesty no transparency and surely it;s not an advertising mistake by hotforex but an intention of not publishing liquidity providers names because hotforex is a market maker there are no liquidity providers, so it publishes nothing to not be tracked legally by anybody.

    At end, if the regulators that are already into question marks!?!! FSC Mauritius and CySec ask hotforex how they claim to be STP without publishing LP names or come here give us your LP names, hotforex can easily reply they are not STP but market maker and the proof is that hotforex does not publish any LP name.

    Stay away of the SCAMMER HOTFOREX.

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    Re: Hotforex SCAM

    The SCAMMER HOTFOREX continuing SCAMMING my money of tens thousands of dollars and using it for hotforex fake advertisements claiming its an ECN/STP broker while hotforex is a MARKET MAKER, has no liquidity providers.

    Any respectful ECN/STP broker publishes its liquidity providers info. on its main page but hotforex refuse to do so because that will be called OFFICIAL from the legal point and will open legal charges against hotforex for claiming fake info about banks it in fact have NO communication and NO business with.

    My complaint against hotforex is still running. FSA Mauritius Regulator governing hotforex asked for further info about my complaint, and I provided it all.

    Lets see if this regulator will prove to be reliable and punish scammer hotforex.

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    Re: Hotforex SCAM

    The SCAM HOTFOREX still STOLEN my money of tens thousands of dollars, protected by a bucketshop regulator FSC Mauritius.

    Prove of why it's a bucketshop regulator is shown clearly in the regulator reply to me after providing it with all evidence about hotforex scam of my money:

    We refer to your complaint against the Company.

    Please be informed that we have examined your complaint and it is noted that there are claims and counter claims from both the parties (yourself and the Company).

    We note that it`s a contractual agreement between you and the Company.

    You may resort to appropriate measures to resolve your complaint.

    Please note that this correspondence is confidential and shall be used only for the purpose stated in the request. Accordingly, no part of the above information shall be disclosed to any third party without the Financial Services Commission’s prior approval in writing.

    Yours faithfully

    RFI Team

    FSC Mauritius


    Who but a bucketshop regulator replies in such bad intention and recklessness to a retail client who must have the highest protection from the regulator!!!!!

    FSC Mauritius proved to be a bucketshop............

    It's disclaimer at end to not share this information with third parties that is meant the public is clearly because just as scammer hotforex its bucketshop regulator fears from the public.

    I tell FSC Mauritius in front of the whole world readers that the useless email information you sent to me, removing yourself from responsibility as a regulator toward me as a retail client had set you in a bad position and lost you any credibility, implies you are fired, can't set any rules when you FSC Mauritius ran away from your job, leaving scammer hotforex to keep on stealing my hard earned money.

    I advice all traders to never deposit any single cent with scammer hotforex and clients that have money deposited there must instantly withdraw their money.

    Ask yourself traders after FSC Mauritius ignorant reply to a retail client(me) who's in same position like each one of you traders, how can such regulator give back your money!?!!!!?? in case you complain to it like I had one.

    In front of the whole world, I put full responsibility on the regulator of hotforex !!!FSC Mauritius!!! for protecting the THEIF HOTFOREX STOLE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM ME.
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    Re: Hotforex SCAM

    The Scammer Hotforex still away of justice after robbed me tens of thousands of dollars protected by its Scam regulator FSC Mauritius that took no responsibility toward me as a retail client and removed its hands from my case after I filed a complaint against the scam hotforex.

    So FSC Mauritus who's suppose to be the judge in my case against the thief hotforex saw that both parties have different claims, so no need to ask both for clarification and bring the criminal hotforex to investigation of how it robbed me tens of thousands of dollars but easier for the Scam FSC Mauritius to say to me must sort my problem elsewhere.

    You are a bad example of a judge FSC Mauritius Scam Regulator!!!!!!!!!!!
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