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Thread: Tsunami Scam

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    Tsunami Scam

    I just read about this and am amazed that people are this greedy. If scammers would put as much effort into something legal as they do into scams, they would be millionaires.

    "Mike and Carol Hall were visiting the far East in 2004 when the tsunami disaster struck; they were unfortunately killed. Scam artists then solicited e-mails stating that the couple had 10 million in their bank account when they died, telling individuals that if they pretended to be relatives to collect the inheritance, the couple’s lawyers would back up their claim for a share of the inheritance money.
    Where the scammer profit came in was the “trust” fee that would be sent to the “lawyers” in good faith.
    It’s unknown if these wretches were even arrested, but anyone who fell for this one deserved it may’ve whatever happened to them."

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    Re: Tsunami Scam

    How low can people go, we will never know for with every day that goes by, we hear of an even low slimball scammer come to the surface. Simply amazing and pathetic to say the least.

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