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    What the hell kind of scam is this?

    Hello Anastasia Muscat

    How are you doing, Hope great .. My wife and I sends our heartfelt appreciation and warmth greetings to you. We went through your application and Most especially your mail, You gave us an inner peace of Mind that really got us going. Your Re-assuring mail that our home will be taken care of well as if it were yours is something that makes me want to rent to you.To sustain the Life we do not really require much. It takes only a little food,something to wear and a place to" lie down". The rich might have an abundance of this things,and the poor may have to struggle to obtain what they need.What difference there is, however, is equalized when life comes to its end-everything comes to naught.(Eccl.9:5,6).Thus Life to have meaning and worth, it cannot and should not simply consist of things that one can acquire or possess.Whether we are rich or poor,we do not have complete control over how long we may live or whether we will even be alive tomorrow.The bible clear shows that Only God alone is the source of life and only he can grant faithful ones the real life or everlasting life without end in Heaven. You are just an accurate example of the fulfillment of psalm 23..which God has promised to make you lie down in grassy pastures and he further says :By well watered resting places He shall conduct you, verse 6 says surely Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life; And you will dwell in the house of the lord forever and ever.I would like you to know that we are in need of tenant that would be capable of paying the Rent,is that okay now? so we suggest you come up with the refundable security deposit in order to proceed with keys and other documents so when you move in then you'll be able to send the first month rent..

    Below are the contents of the document that will be shipped to you Via FedEx mailing service to the address you gave to me in the Application Form.

    1) Entrance and the rooms Keys
    2) Paper/Permanent house form(Containing your reference details)
    3) The house documentary file.
    4) Letter of Access
    5) Payment Receipt.
    6) Full address and driving direction/description of the house.

    I will also need you to confirm your delivery details and also to answer the below questions so as to certify my worries about you taking charge of my house:

    Delivery Name:
    Delivery Address:
    Phone #:

    I will await reading an email from you soonest for further discussion and arrangements.

    Micheal Simpson And Entire Family...

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    Re: What the hell kind of scam is this?

    It went from god is amazing to here's the scam reall quick

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