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    Medical Equipment

    My brother just told me that he was scammed for over $50,000 about a year ago. It seems this fellow whom everyone knew began promoting a piece of medical equipment designed to help cancer patients. If you knew my brother, then you have to believe it was a very believable and plausible piece of equipment. This guy rounded up a lot of investors in the area and then just disappeared. I can't imagine how much money he took. I mean there were presentations, doctors opinions (or at least people posing as doctors) and meetings, etc., etc. My question is this: If someone has the kind of talent to scam so many law abiding, upstanding people, why don't they just put their talents toward something legal?

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    Re: Medical Equipment

    Good question. Another question is why don't people do a background check before investing? I don't blame anyone that gets scammed. I actual fell for a ponzi scheme about 10 years ago. My excuse was that our financial adviser (at the time) said he checked them out and they were legit. You just can't "trust" anyone. :-)

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