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    Low Actual Mileage - Really?

    I went to look at a used 2002 Lincoln Navigator the other day with low mileage. Supposedly it had been pulled behind a motor home and hardly ever driven. However, instead of 54,000 miles the interior and exterior looked like it had 154,000 miles on it. The shyster that tried to sell it to us was positively sure it was only 54,000. NOT!!! I really hate it when people take you for an idiot.

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    Re: Low Actual Mileage - Really?

    Did you check if the pedals were pretty worn out? There should be a lot more wear to 154,000 miles than 54,000. It's still not solid proof but could give an idea.

    If not, you can always ask for oil change receipts. If they don't have anything it's probably not worth it anyway, as an owner you should keep all the paperwork.

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