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    EZ Biz Holdings Group, LLC (Workers Not Paid)

    I am not the type of person to initiate conflict and I certainly never go looking for trouble. Still, trouble found me when I applied to a posting that read, “EZ BIZ FUNDING JOB FAIR (ONE DAY ONLY) (Melbourne).”

    The role that I was offered and accepted was one as a Funding Coordinator (1099 contract employee).

    My “supposed” compensation for employment was a set hourly wage plus, other monetary incentives based on various aspects of production and performance. All of which were to be paid on a bi-weekly basis.

    After my hard work and dedication…instead of my paychecks I received meetings that explained how well the company was performing and how great we were all doing at making money for the company, but for some reason we would either not be paid at all or paid well under our hourly base. Excuse after excuse…we are waiting on a wire, so we will cut checks on Tuesday-Tuesday turns to Wednesday-Wednesday turns to Thursday-Thursday turns to Friday…so forth and so on. Then you find yourself being lead to a round table in the executive suite, where you are notified that not only do they not have your pay, but you are being terminated and you “should” be paid on that Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Of course, me not being one to look for trouble and being an eternal optimist, I choose to allow them the opportunity to show some redeeming qualities and I wait for the phone call (that I have been promised) that will alert me that my paycheck has been mailed. Thursday arrives and this call still has not come. Listening to the sound of the phone slamming down to the receiver when I attempt to call and resolve the illegal issue of me not being paid for labor provided is unacceptable.

    I have read different posts on Ripoff Report and once again being one who prefers peace over turmoil I was trying to stay silent. Here is why I am silent no more:

    1) Many of their newest workers that were lured into their employ (knowing that they could not afford to pay their current staff) either left paying jobs, declined other job offers, and one lady even left a paying job in Virginia to relocate to Melbourne, FL based on the lies that they sold.
    2) Seeing multiple employees all living together to try and make ends-meet and still unable to do so, because they are not being paid is sickening.
    3) Employees unable to feed their children, because of their mismanagement of funds…disgusting!
    4) EZ Biz executives expecting for there to be a high morale to show up and get work done after not being paid what you are owed…laughable.
    5) The main reason is…I would feel really low if my silence caused someone else to have to endure what the current and previous employees of EZ Biz have to endure right now.

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    Re: EZ Biz Holdings Group, LLC (Workers Not Paid)

    Now there is a Sage Capital Recovery calling my number for the GTF Holdings, LLC and Lewis E. Taylor III regarding a $13,000 bill owed to Comcast. Apparently my number was given as the main contact number. Information has been passed on to that company and proper authorities. I have received no reply from legal department of company concerning the business expenses owed and salary owed. The emails were opened as they were tracked.

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