We need to discuss the website called "echange definitif" www.EchangeDefinitif.com because it claims to provide permanent home swap services while it is dysfunctional and a huge time waste to the property owners around the world while it looks very attractive to the new comer. I would like people to test it themselves and tell me whether I am wrong by saying that the website is dysfunctional and information trap (such as facebook once they close your account for no good reason and keep a dossier on you) or whether they are experiencing the same I am experiencing: being completely unable to reach other swappers and the support is completely ignoring any inquiries sent to them. I believe that website is intentionally made that way, so that people register, provide their email addresses and other personal info, then the users list their properties, but once they want to email other swappers or even pay for an upgraded listing, there is no way to do it, the buttons you click on take you around in circles. Test it out yourselves, I am not advertising it. And please get back to me with the results.