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    Howard Stern has jumped the shark

    Now I would have said that Howard Stern who I've listened to for over 25 years jumped the shark when Artie left the show. He was better than Jackie, was funnier and I didn't have to listen to that cackling Robin as much. I wish Fred would have stepped up more but he didn't.

    Now Howard Stern officially jumped the shark when he started at 7 am from 6am. You can't even tell in his ones voice. He even admitted he wasn't as creative as he is or earlier in the morning.

    A simple thing like his wires messed up, Stern has dead air. No one stepped up, Stern was fumbling, Gary late, Fred NOTHING, Robin failed like usual (all she can do is agree with Howard like a Thesaurus).

    Really weak. Maybe he's told old? Too soft? Please don't turn into Imus or Larry King.

    Interviews go way too long and they're just boring even with GREAT GUESTS. It's too vanilla it's too templateable and predictable. Howard stern is officially jumping the shark and I know I can tell by his VOICE that he thinking seriously about retiring.

    He knows the show is just not the same standard and regrets 7am. I don't know if it's a body chemistry in what he's done for so long at 6 am.

    Why fix something so perfect? How many times has he said that to guests? To superfans like me its like Conan F*cking up a good gig to get fired in a different time slot and it is only 1 hr.

    TOTALLY DIFFERENT SHOW. BRING BACK 6AM, or your show is doomed.
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    Re: Howard Stern has jumped the shark

    I have hated Howard Stern ever since Artie left.
    Robin is unbearable.

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