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    TransAsia Plane Crash Video Holy Crap!

    This has got to be the craziest real airplane footage video crash I have ever seen. It was from TransAsia and this video is Holy CRAP CRAZY! 25 are hurt like 17 died. What the hell is up with the weekly plane crashes over there? Seriously its weekly now. This video seems 100% fake but it is flippin real!

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    Re: TransAsia Plane Crash Video Holy Crap!

    i thought a 2 engine plane had to be able fly with 1 engine out!? smart to head for the river though.....:nervouss::freak3:::
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    Re: TransAsia Plane Crash Video Holy Crap!

    That highway looks like a half dozen cities I have been in. Very deja vu.

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    Re: TransAsia Plane Crash Video Holy Crap!

    Apparently the pilot switched off the wrong engine.

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