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    Zubayer Islam Akanto or Transcribers Team scam

    Do not take any job offers to transcribe from this person!!!! He is using people to get his jobs done and never pays! Says that payment is in every 15 days and then continues to give excuses as long as he can drag you along.

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited over a month and now he has disappeared and not answering any of my mail, even though I can see he has been online.

    You can find him on freelancer.com and elance.com posting jobs for transcribers.

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    Re: Zubayer Islam Akanto or Transcribers Team scam


    This guy scammed me out of almost $4,000. I feel your pain. He is still active on Elance. I filed a complaint against him but we'll see what happens. Contact me if you want to get together to pursue.


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