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    Joan Rivers Lawsuit Scam

    Imagine that. A Jewish person suing. Wow what an incredible stretch that Joan Rivers' daughter is suing for wrongful death on an unnecessary plastic surgery procedure. Unbelievable. Look at this monster. Shame just got a new face. Maybe she was late on her Illuminati fees and she got killed.:nervouss::nervouss::nervouss:
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    Re: Joan Rivers Lawsuit Scam

    Her estate was worth over 150 million dollars. Joan Rivers should not have messed with what God Almighty gave her. She did a deal with the devil and her contract was up.

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    Re: Joan Rivers Lawsuit Scam

    Joan Rivers impersonator's fake death for dummies
    "Joan Rivers" is as much 80 yrs old here ...

    as "Saudi King Abdullah" 90 yrs old here

    Two of the differences between tne agendas in each case:
    - having an actor to impersonate Saudi King Abdullah after his death was not part of advancing the "plastic surgery is good for you" agenda.
    - the Saudi King was not murdered.

    Joan Rivers and her family were murdered long ago.
    A non white started playing her role, supposedly after plastic surgery, a transvestite started playing her daughter.
    One of the agendas was to have people swallow any impersonator that the illuminati use to replace assassinated oppositors (from Mandela played by Morgan Freeman to Sharon and Putin) to illuminati agents whose life is extended beyond death (Fidel Castro died and Liam Neeson started to impersonate him).
    The actress impersonating Rivers "died" 2014 as much as "Mandela" 2013.

    Now it should be clear why "Joan Rivers" was selected to "expose" that Michelle Obama is a transvestite, in the classic script "paid with her life for exposing it".

    End Times Reductionism: how to recognize *** FAKE FUNERALS *** in FIVE seconds
    If the human cattle has no chance to pay tribute to their icons in front of an open casket THEN it's a fake funeral.
    Note: to justify closed caskets, some fake deaths are staged as "bodies torn to pieces" and "autopsies completed only one week later".

    Fake funerals of illuminati icons (for the human cattle) range:
    - from "81 years old Joan Rivers" to 27 yrs old Amy Winehouse"
    - from "90 yrs old King Abdullah" to 63 yrs old Franklin Roosevelt
    Search for Roosevelt at
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