I posted a resume for being a server on craigslist. Someone contacted me asking if I can help them out as a personal payroll assistant and I said sure. What they had me do was send them a copy of my drivers license so they could wire money to me through Western union. He wanted me to go pick up 1200 dollars in cash and keep 120 and send the 1080 to nigeria at a different location money gram thru walmart. I did it. They guy claimed to work for Ashlee furniture and was out of the country and he has had me do this same thing 3 mm ore times in the last 2 days. With a total for myself of 480 dollars and I've sent out a total of 6000 or so dollars to nigeria. Has anyone heard of th is being a scam. If so can you send me a link to a page someone else that has done this. I'm not sure of the legality of this. It just seems like easy money.