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    Recently have been scammed out of $1200. This company claims to be able to give a loan to people with less than perfect credit score. The only catch is they request a down payment. Sent a contract that looked legit. Name that the company used was Simple Lend Co. Associate, Megan Williams.

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    Re: Loans

    I went through the same thing in January of this year! They scammed 800.00 from me. I was so pissed! I'm still sending emails to all the addresses I have on them demanding my money to be returned (highly unlikely), but I sure hope they receive them none the less!!!!! I did report that outfit to the authorities. This Megan person has now disconnected the number and the email address of [email protected] has now been cancelled. I have 5 other email address for them and every one of them get emails from me and I won't stop! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT ATTEMPTING TO USE THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY! BEWARE OF THE NAMES OF.....Megan Williams, Patricia Dunbar, Kristian Lou and Jenny Flaten (probably made up names in order to make it seem like it was a legit company)!


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