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    Stock Market Scam In Australia

    G'day, All.

    I guess like a lot of us who get caught up in these Scams, it starts with phone call with an offer that sounds too good to be true. In my case, it came from a company calling themselves OWS (this was not Occupy Wall Street). Naturally, the first thing you look for is negative publicity on the Net, and when you cannot find any you start to take notice. I learned later that the company changes its name regularly, but the scheme remains the same. For an initial investment of just under $20,000 they will show you how to make money from the Stock Market, with a signed guarantee from their CEO that if you do not make that or more in your first year of trading, you will get a full refund. The next thing I looked for was an invalid email address, unanswered phone or fax numbers and an invalid snail mail address. All those boxes were ticked, even then I regarded it as a gamble but my own rule of gambling is that you do not bet what you are not prepared to lose. So I took the risk, as a recent retiree I was looking at something to supplement my Age Pension. So after a year, did I make my investment back? Of course not. I never really expected to, instead thinking that as the company was into investing, they would use my money to make a profit for themselves and as I had complied with their conditions, sending monthly reports as well as an end of year summary I was expecting the promised refund, which naturally did not eventuate. Naïve of me, I know. Emails were not answered, phone calls were blocked, and much as I would have liked to visit the address in Sydney I knew that it would be a waste of time as well unless I took a shotgun with me. At least, the Stock Market software I received does what it claims, getting the prices at the end of trade each day and showing which companies have gone up or down, then once you have a portfolio what is happening with it. It does not make any recommendations or guarantee any profit, I initially knew nothing about investing in the Stock Market but by following my own instincts now have a portfolio which while far away from what was promised is doing better than other investments I have made, but it has been pointed out to me that I could get other programs off the Net which do the same thing and would not have cost anywhere near as much. I just hope that now the negative publicity I could not find is out there, I would assume that anyone contacted in future would at least Google "Stock Market Scam"
    and be brought here or to a similar thread I've posted to in Australia.

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    Re: Stock Market Scam In Australia


    Thanks for sharing "Stock Market" information with us.

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    Re: Stock Market Scam In Australia

    I invest in the stock market a lot. I see these so called wonder methods and the soft ware that they sell. Well it is my opinion that the only one that makes any money off it is the person that sells the software to the naive and unsuspecting. most are scams and are worthless. If you want a proven system that works ,then start studying books by Ben Graham go to http://grahaminvestor.com and study Value investing. also a proven system for small caps,that march to their own beat not the Dow or the S&P 500, is the Bowser report for about $69.95 annually. go to http://thebowserreport.com each month the highlight a small cap that sells from $1-2 dollars a share and a system to sell it when it doubles. they also list warrants that sell for pennies a share you buy many thousands of them and then sell when they appreciate. also have letters from the Buckaroos. One man in Florida buys $1000 worth of warrants each month and it generates enough for him to live off. so forget the software for the naive get down to basics. Bowser I have used if you invest $200 a month then in about 1 year you will be generating at least $1000 in profits if you buy more then you will generate more. it is that simple :judges:

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    Re: Stock Market Scam In Australia

    Thank you for exposing them!

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