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    what would your last meal be?

    okay let's say you're on death row. For a crime you didn't commit. Call it as a bad Steven Segal movie. You're about to be electrocuted. You have a last meal, there's no restrictions, what would you eat?
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    Re: what would your last meal be?

    Ok I am starving right now so this will be easy:



    Bottle of Johnny Walker Black, a giant container of ice. Crystal Glass.
    2 liters of homemade Iced Tea, extra lemons, maybe a homemade Arnold Palmer.


    Bucket of KFC chicken, half Original half Extra Crispy
    (I am only eating the skin with their hot sauce):crazy1:

    Lobster bisque. Creamy and chunky please.:sun_smiley:

    • Crab, the kind with the mallet, I think its the kind in Florida and Baltimoore. Gallon of drawn butter.
    • Baked Potato loaded with butter, cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives
    • Sweet corn on the cob from upstate NY.
    2nd Main:
    • Thai basil friedwhitefish with Jasmine Rice. Fried whitefish, level 9 heat, onions, carrots, snowpeas, toasted cashews, backchoy

    • A lite cold Tiramiso from Olive Garden and a Ice Cold Mocha latte from Starbucks.

    That was fun. Now I am starving.

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    Re: what would your last meal be?

    Spaghetti and meatballs..(home made Italian all the way)!!!
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