Here it is folks. You got a beef? This is where to send it.

Be advised, however, that unless you have lost at least $100,000.00 usd, you are on your own and will need to sue because the crime that was committed does not meet the DOJ's minimum requirements.

You will need to file a civil complaint on your own and demonstrate criminal intent for a warrant to be issued for investigation, arrest and prosecution.


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CCIPS is Hiring Experienced Trial Attorneys

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Justice Department Announces International Internet Piracy Sweep:
'Operation Site Down' Attacks Organized Piracy Networks in 10 Countries (June 30, 2005)

Federal Law Enforcement Announces Operation D-Elite, Crackdown on P2P Piracy Network:
First Criminal Enforcement Against BitTorrent Network Users (May 25, 2005)

Buccaneer Defendants Sentenced in United Kingdom(May 6, 2005)

International Documents (COE, G8, EU)

Dispelling the Myths about the USA PATRIOT Act

Current Manual Available on Electronic Search and Seizure

Current Manual Available on Prosecuting IP Crimes

Information on Federal Warez Investigation and Prosecution: Operation Buccaneer

"There's One More Talk You Need to Have," a Newsweek article by CCIPS Chief,
Martha Stansell-Gamm (September 15, 2003)

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How Private Industry Can Help Fight Cybercrime
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Speech Issues in the High-Tech Context

New Updates:

Valley Couple Charged with Criminal Copyright and Trademark Violations for Distributing Counterfeited Movies and Music (October 7, 2005)

Second Guilty Plea in Connection with Operation Copycat:
Defendant Admitted to Illegally Uploading Software, Music, Movies, and Games(October 3, 2005)

Software Executive Admits to Conspiring to Misappropriate Chief Competitors Trade Secrets
(September 29, 2005)

Eight Charges with Copyright Infringement for Distributing the Latest Star Wars Movie that was Stolen from Post-Production Firm Prior to Release (September 27, 2005)

Operation Safehaven: Pennsylvanina Women Pleads Guilty to Federal Software Piracy Charges
(September 27, 2005)

First Guilty Plea to New Federal Law Prohibiting Camcording Films in Movie Theaters
(September 26, 2005)

Massachusetts Teen Convicted for Hacking into Internet and Telephone Service Providers and
Making Bomb Threats to High Schools in Massachusetts and Florida (September 8, 2005)

Federal Jury Convicts Former Technology Manager of Computer Hacking Offense
Defendant Found Guilty of Placing Computer Time Bomb On Employers

Network Following Employment Dispute (September 8, 2005)

Federal Software Piracy Investigation Leads to Prosecution of Portland Man (September 8, 2005)

Chip Design Engineer Pleads Guilty to Transporting Stolen Property of Silicon Valley Company to Taiwan (September 6, 2005)

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