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    Ebay Motors Scam

    Dirt cheap car on Craigslist, 2003 Honda Accord for $1700, only 42000 miles. After getting in touch with the woman, she says it's so cheap because it was her son's car and the car reminds her of him. Provides pics, etc. Seems too good to be true, so I RGIS the pics, and no results. VIN is clean, mileage matches up approximately.
    The one hiccup is she wants to do it through Ebay Motors because "her and her husband are out of town a lot for business."
    Edit: Thanks guys, was a scam.

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    Re: Ebay Motors Scam

    COMMON SCAM, never fall for the lowball price lure, especially on craigslist, and never accept anything but cash if you are selling a car, too many fake bank checks and money orders being used these days.

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