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    Fragrance training pyramid scheme

    Let me just start by saying I was duped into believing I could become a Branch Manager at a company calling themselves Millennium Management by selling perfume.
    While driving home from a legitimate interview at a legitimate company, I received a call from an unknown number. The caller asked if she could speak with **** which is me. I asked, " who is this?" in a somewhat annoyed tone due to previous telemarketing calls from some other un-related goons. She identified herself as ....lets say "Iffany" and very briefly stated she's with millennium management. I didn't remember the name but I had recently applied to a plethora of job listings on Craigslist so I figured it was probably one of them calling me back. "Cool" I thought. She asked if I could come in for an interview in an hour and I agreed.
    I met her for an interview in a seemingly empty suite located near a shopping center and noticed something strange. There was a hand written sign taped to the door, while almost every other suite had professional looking signs. This was the first of many bad signs (pun intended) that should have indicated to me that this company is a scam but at the time I was so nervous about the interview I didn't put any of these bad signs together until it was almost too late.. When I finally opened the door I was greeted by Iffany who sat behind the only furniture in the room, which was a desk with some paper work scattered about on top. She can only be described as a queef. There were no computers or filing cabinets, which I thought was strange. I was told to enter another room that only had uncomfortable looking chairs and I was given a crudely designed application form that asked very vague questions about what I would generally make on average and what I would like to make on average. I filled it out as other potential candidates walked in and filled the shitty seats. Iím told by "Iffany", that the office is so bare because they just moved in from Kansas and their furniture hasn't been unloaded from their trucks yet. I believed her.
    After a very short interview with the "owner" of the company....his name will be "Dino"( I had been sitting for a half hour in the shitty chair room before being given my ten-fifteen minute interview) I was told I seemed like a better candidate than the other 150 candidates and I won bonus points for impressing Iffany on the phone ( "thatís funny" I thought. I was kind of a dick to her on the phone and I had only talked to the Dino for ten or so minutes by now so I thought that was strange) and was told to come in for a second interview the following morning which would entail a three hour long orientation and explain the position a little better.
    Now Dino was a very, very charismatic creature. Although he resembled a Hispanic troll doll thatís balding, his personality was absolutely incredible, and he really made me believe he was the head honcho and everything was legit. I was told to bring a pen and notepad to take notes during the meeting. I was never once given a packet or brochure with company information on it and would instead have to rely on my own note taking during this second interview. Also I was told he chose me for a second interview because I had no managerial experience and he wanted to train me his way. Although I should have seen all the warning signs of a classic pyramid scheme I was blinded by Dinos' character and promises of a stable full time manger position much like a magician uses sleight of hand.
    Dino if you're reading this you are one hell of a con man.....but you should turn your life around....use your skills for good not evil you prick.
    When I got home I looked up the company to get a better idea of what they do but only found a company named millennium fragrances that deals in France and could not find anything for America. The only millennium management I could find did not deal with fragrances, they were an investment firm. Anyways I went to the second interview and it was basically set up like a classroom with the 15- 20 or so potential candidates taking notes on what Dino was telling us. He told us the companies' history. It supposedly originated in France which gave credence to what I had just researched the night prior. But why did he call it millennium management and not just millennium like the website said? He told us there are unlimited advancement opportunities. He told us the company pays for Health, Dental, Vision, benefits as well as 2 weeks "mandatory" vacation and weekly bonuses based on performance along with some other bullshit that at the time sounded pretty nice. He explained that he needed managers on the east coast before sales associates can be hired. Thatís why the 20 "most elite candidates out of 150" showed up. He passed around a bottle of "His majesty" cologne and told us this is a product we would be selling. He then got to the payment portion of his comedy show.
    He claimed everyone as a manager would be making $30-50k on the low end after selling a certain amount of perfume bottles and completing 12 weeks of paid training (which is ONLY commission based pay) and after that the next position available would be 100k and up. At the end of this meeting Dino called people into his office two at a time and when he got to my group which was myself and two young ladies he told us we were the top candidates out of all 150 and I was told I was accepted and to come back tomorrow for my first work day. Man was I feeling special now!! After leaving the interview I told my friends, family and significant other about the job and they were all seemingly as happy as I was.
    Despite all this happiness I still had an uneasy feeling about Dino and Iffany and the third and fourth parties which I just now realized I didn't mention who go by the names of.. hmm lets see...." Dick" and "Effany" which looked like a generic version of that guy you just don't like but have no reason as to why you don't and a queen latifah look alike that seemed like she was hiding something, a shady type of character respectively. You can call her Queen La Queefa if you want. I was in a state of nervous excitement and could not refrain from looking up the company again so naturally....I did just that. This time I came across a comment on ripoffreport.com which talks about a millennium sales person selling cheap cologne by YZY for 90% more than the retail value. I did some research to see who makes "His Majesty" and as it turns out, it is made by YZY. I then see a complaint on the same website that basically explains my situation almost verbatim. This person also responded to a job listing that claimed to be an entry level managers position selling perfume, was told the place wasn't up to par because they (millennium) had just moved there, was in a room of 17 people ( which is approximate to the amount attending the meeting that I went to), the 2nd interview was 3 hours long, and this person was told they were the best of the best. (This is the point I stop attending) This person then goes on to claim they were not paid for their time with the company. Another interesting thing the author notes, is that the company may actually be owned by a group called "Scentura Creations".
    The research I did into these two companies only confirmed that the job I applied for is merely a pyramid scheme styled scam. I found countless other complaints and horror stories of single parents being duped into spending their time at full time positions while being paid meager commissions and unmeet-able sales goals. Some people even noticed a lack of computers and filing cabinets much like myself. Some people claim peddling is Illegal in their State without a license yet that is what they were forced to do. Apparently Scentura changes its name as it relocates to different cities. There are reports from all over the country about this kind of deceit.
    I didn't provide the actual links because I don't want people being weary of my post but my sources are "ripoffreport.com" and "investigativeguy.com". I also could not find their company name on the Better Business Bureau website or any site that didn't call them out on their BS. I then called the company back and when I asked what the name of the company was exactly he said "millennium management LLC". I said "the investment firm in New York? He then said "no no its' Millennium management and PROMOTIONS LLC". Why two different names? I asked for the business license number and Dino says its on the Secretary of State website. I checked but to no avail. Neither company is on the better business bureau since neither exist. All it took was a couple of minutes of googling to determine this company is either full of shit or bologna.
    I figure reddit is a good way to get the word out thank you for reading this and don't let them fuck you or your family. Remember if it walks like its too good to be true, talks like its too good to be true and its owned by Scentura Creations, then watch out because Whoa Black Betty Scam A Lam.

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    Re: Fragrance training pyramid scheme

    This is a great post. The general rule of thumb when evaluating these types of opportunities is "go with your gut." After 2 minutes of research you knew it wasn't good. If more people just stepped back and counted to 10, they wouldn't fall for 99% of the scams out there.

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    Re: Fragrance training pyramid scheme

    It never ceases to amaze me that these kinds of people put so much effort into scamming others. If they would just put the same effort into something legit, they would probably top their own expectations.

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