A friend of mine sent me a message asking if the following company seemed legit, as they'd just recieved a job offer involving transferring funds internationally. I was asked because I've lived in Germany for 5 years now. Apparently my friend was contacted through her Seek.com.au (An empoyment search site) profile.
There's a Frankfurt address that seems like one of those sattelite office deals where you can hire a room as your office space.
There's only an email contact on the website and no info in Germany.
If they're legit, they're extremely small time but in any case something doesn't smell right.
Here's a link to the company's website.
I'd love your help on this one. I'd hate to advise against a job just because I smell a rat but on the other hand, I really don't want to see my friend in any kind of trouble or to see them waste their time.
Thanks internet friends!