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    submit articles on internet scams

    that's right. You can fight back now. If you have information on scam you can submit your articles here at scam dot com and reach millions of people monthly. Your article or post can help other people not get scammed. We can clean up the internet together. If you have questions we have over 400,000 members that can help you you're not alone.
    If you want to post about any scams, ripoffs, or hypocrisy in the World or on the Net, Register at Scam.com We need new members!

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    Re: submit articles on internet scams

    Thanks for creating this forum to clean up the internet scams. We really need real and honest place to guide and help people who wish to start a business online.

    Do click on my Signature link below to check out my #1 Escape Tool that I use. It is really a real and honest tool that can help anyone escape the Rat Race.

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