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    Is Auto House Ltd A Geniune Used Car Dealer or Is It a Scam?

    I am currently looking to find a reliable used car dealer to buy a car for my wife. I am really busy with my business life in these days so I don't have enough time to visit the market and meet different car dealers personally. I was looking to find a dealer on the internet and yesterday I found Auto House Ltd (www.autoshouse.com) which is not far from our house. So I am planning to visit them in the next couple of days but before going to them I would like to see some reviews about this dealer because when you find a business on the internet, you cannot be sure about them whether they are a genuine and reliable car dealers or they are a scam. So if there is anyone who has done any deals with them, please share your experience and submit your review about this used car dealer.

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    Re: Is Auto House Ltd A Geniune Used Car Dealer or Is It a Scam?

    FORGET IT. Reviews at www.yelp.com say it is a rip off and it is terrible. Also see BBB which gives it a B minus grade. see also www.ripoffreport.com and www.beyond.ca. In general terms to get a good used car go to the rental car companies and see what they have. most of their cars are at most 1 year old and most have the original warranty. other good places are to go to credit unions they usually have an annual"cream puff" sales of selected used cars. see also if you are a member of an affinity group ( e.g. professional society,lodge,etc) and again they sell annually good used vehicles. personally I also recommend looking at car leasing. you usually get a good deal from any of the major car dealers and it can also be a business deduction.professional groups also have deals on leasing as well. see www.carleasecanada.ca
    in any event forget Auto House.:king22:

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