Women travelling to Wadi Rum and Petra should be aware of a deceptive scamming tactic called BEZNESS.

From their childhood the Bedouins are taught how to use emotional manipulation to gain money, expensive gifts, bank card numbers, and eventually visas from tourists. They will go to great lengths to do this.

Through charm, sweet words and beautiful lies they will try to take all your money. Scamming is growing very rapidly in this region.

Also, planning your trip to Jordan, be especially careful dealing with such volunteer/work exchange sites as www.couchsurfing.org, www.hospitalityclub.org, www.helpx.net, and www.workaway.info, as they are often used by the Jordanian scammers.

Bedouins will kindly invite you to stay at their home. In exchange of food and accommodation you will be offered to help them with the tourists and website. Then slowly, you will find yourself being in love and even in romance relationship with one of them. These fake relationships can often lead to mental and even physical abuse. Victims are used and left financially and emotionally bankrupt.

If it has already happened, you are in DANGER! Contact the Tourist Police immediately and STOP the connection at once. Don’t trust these people. It is for your own safety.

Wadi Rum and Petra are getting very dangerous.