Petra itself is great...but single female travelers BEWARE!

Petra itself is beautiful, albeit expensive to see...they raised the price so it costs 50JD for non-Arab nationals. Based on my experience, do the Petra By Night tour for 2xJD (includes nighttime guide, traditional Bedouin's really a magical experience), and skip the daytime one, it pales in comparison. However, the ruins and relics there are still amazing to see, and if you can endure a day-long exploration (or at least a 3-hour trek to the monastery), then by all means do so.

Oh, and bring your own water and snacks, as the prices are tourist-gouging.

The thing female travelers need to be worried about (and the reason for the low-rating) are the disturbingly LARGE number of overt sexual come-ons that will be flying your way. I am male, but my female traveling companion went through several of these...not just IN Petra, but outside in town as well. My friend went ahead of me about an hour because I was still tired, and she was propositioned constantly by the Bedouins in the Petra first they told her that she could get a horse ride for free to the entrance as it was included (nothing weird about that, I got that offer too). But when they reached the entrance, the rider said if she wanted, they could give her a ride to the top of the monastery for free too, if she gave them 30 minutes. "For what?" she asked. They then said "I know a cave, we can go in, have sex, then leave in 30 minutes". After protesting that she was married (she wasn't), they said "OK, 15 minutes, just kissing and touching!". Suffice to say she was disgusted. She would then hear from other Bedouin males in their teens telling her about their sexual exploits (one even told her he had a three-way the night before with some French girls). One 12-year-old selling jewelry tried to yank her towards him and FORCIBLY kiss her (probably thinking he could get away with it because of his age). She had to scream to get him off her.

According to some people who we met on the trip who live there, this is quite common in Petra, as even during desert camping trips they would hit on married women for quick "private" tours away from the husbands. Even when she and I were walking around town together, they would make cat calls to her, *despite* my presence next to her. Another traveling male-female couple had to pretend to be married to get them away from her, but they didn't care.

We noticed they didn't try this with Muslim or Arab women, just foreigners. My friend was NOT wearing anything revealing btw, as her arms, legs, chest...basically everything was covered, but it didn't matter. Foreign women = fair game. Even our driver from Madaba warned us to be careful, as "people in Petra are crazy".

As a result the place left us with a very bad taste in our mouths, and she felt quite UNSAFE walking around on her own there, whereas she felt totally comfortable everywhere else in Jordan. Whereas I totally recommend Petra as one of the must-see SIGHTS in Jordan, the people are horrendous...and if you are female wear a Hijab or Niqab, otherwise you'll have men fawning all over you trying to get into your pants.