Love Rats Of Wadi Rum And Petra

Manipulating female tourists by Wadi Rum and Petra Bedouins into false relationships (3 or more at a time) to gain financially and materially from them, has been going on for years on a very large scale.

Of course, the Bedouins (along with a few uneducated western women that live in Wadi Rum and married a Bedouin) will say the female tourists go freely with them and the female tourists give them money freely. True, they didnt hold a gun against these womens heads. But they were not told: hey, I am charming your socks off and falling in love with you, and I want you to meet my family who are part of my scamming game. When you return to your country I am going to tell you how much I miss you and love you every thing we speak on the phone. You will return to Jordan soon again and we lovers will have such a romantic time together. You will be paying for everything. Then back in your country, I will phone you to tell you a very sad fairy tale lie, about my horse that is very ill, and that I cant pay for a vet and I cant work now. That I need about 500 JD. I will make the story worse until you offer to help me and send me money through Western Union. I will talk about our future together, make plans with you, and you will return to Jordan again. Of course I will work my way to persuade you to bring me: a new mobile, and a video camera. When you leave, I will have another woman coming to see me in Jordan. Then one day you will find out and start asking critical questions. That is the time to ditch you. I am fine with that, cause I have 2 other women that I love and they love me and send me money too.

It is a hidden secret and a very well kept secret, that everybody knows and nobody talks about. Only to be disguised through sharp observation or the hard way. Even the police and local authorities are aware, but do nothing when female tourists report to them.

So it is very necessary to spread the word, to create awareness and to warn (naive) female travellers not to fall for their crap. Besides the fact that they are screwing up the reputation of Wadi Rum and Petra, they are damaging the females emotionally and financially, who were convinced they were in a serious, committed relationship until they found out that theyve had really bad time.