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    Self Help Co-operation Programme

    Self Help Co-operation Programme- What are the details of this known pyramid scheme? Do you have to recruit others to join it after paying a fee?

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    Re: Self Help Co-operation Programme

    The latest version of the Self-Help Co-operation Program offers a neat twist… it’s now “legal” because it doesn’t offer any product for sale! Not only that, it’s now supported by highly credible letters from Monica Williams, Ph.D, Jennifer Peterson, Sociology Researcher, and Julie Chan, Accountant, from Perth WA. It’s also pitched strongly at women, in warm, fuzzy “New Age” terminology. For example, it’s no longer a chain letter, it’s an “Abundance Letter”. What none of this does, however, is to change the truth of the matter. It’s just more of a “Barker’s Egg” than ever.
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