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    David Stein Mailing Scheme

    Ever heard of the David Stein Mailing scheme? What are the details of this?

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    Re: David Stein Mailing Scheme

    This is a 'remake' of similar chain letters under the names Edward L Green, David Stein and Paul Collins. This chain letter claims to be from David Rhodes and that you can turn $218 into $78,185 within 80 days.

    You are requested to send money to 5 persons on a list, add your own name to position 5, delete the person in position 1 (everybody else moves up), make copies of the whole letter and forward the same instructions to 200 contacts. It estimates the cost of photocopying, stamps and envelopes plus the $10 sent to number 1 on the list to be $218 and claims you will receive $77,760, making a profit of $15,508.40 per hour.

    Besides risking not receiving any money and being out of pocket over $200 for photocopying and postage plus your time, you also risk prosecution.
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