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Thread: Elite Activity

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    Elite Activity

    Elite activity was a pyramid scheme in which individuals contributed money towards the scheme. They were promised profits once new recruits were added to the scheme.

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    Re: Elite Activity

    Elite Activity

    In 2007, a federal appeals court in Texas confirmed a two-year sentence for Harvey Joseph Dockstader Jr. Dockstader operated a pyramid scheme called Elite Activity which recruited participants to take part in a “cycle of abundance.” In the scheme, participants contributed an initial monetary “gift,” and were promised substantial profits as they recruited new participants. Dockstader convinced participants to join by claiming that his program was inspired by God.

    This is an example of a naked pyramid scheme:

    Naked Pyramid Schemes

    Participants charge recruits a fee to participate in an “investment opportunity” claimed to return a large lump sum once the recruit finds enough new members. In this scheme, there is no product or service being sold, only the opportunity to profit by recruiting new participants.
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