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So when I thought my manager would finally do something to stop crime after losing $5000, I was wrong. Apparently my manager is too much of a slacker and pushover - he refused to provide any further info (we have info for 3 credit card, 5+ address proof and 2 ID proof, all confirmed not photo-shopped) that were involved in the scamming to IC3.
Now fast forward 30 days. Guess what happened? The scumbag gets another $800 for free by abusing Paypal policy. EXACTLY IN THE SAME WAY, AGAIN. My manager just played it down and convinced my boss that this is an individual case.
That's it, I have resigned and will be leaving in a month. This company has no hope and I am looking for a job that doesn't requires dealing with scammers.
If you refuse to provide vital information to help arrest a scammer, you are supporting their act.