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    Make A Wish Scam

    So I heard someone on a forum mention that they were going to race in the DT100 Make-A-Wish shift kart race.
    So... I investigated a little more closely.
    Donations to make-a-wish are tax deductible this is important info.
    Last year, the organization claimed to have raised $26,000. The address listed on the site is a private residence, last valued at ~$300,000.
    This would put his mortgage at ~$1500/month, and his income at around $60k/month. His income after taxes withheld would be ~$40k/year. (I'm not a tax guru, so these numbers are approximate).
    Now, here's where it gets hinky: DT100 is collecting payment information through a privately held site. For obvious reasons, I haven't attempted to "follow the money" yet. However, my suspicion is this:
    1. DT100 collects non tax-deductible donations from private entrants into the race.
    2. DT100 then donates these funds to the Make-A-Wish foundation, collecting his $26,000 tax deduction.
    3. Even if he adjusts his income for the additional $26k/year, this still results in a net gain for him, saving him approximately $10k~$15k/year, which would raise his post-tax income from $40k up to ~$55k... that's a lot of extra walking-around money.
    Now, maybe this guy is doing things 100% legitimate, but this still smells funny. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Make A Wish Scam

    I always feel that things like this might be a scam. I know that make a wish is not a scam but this does not seem like it is right.

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    Re: Make A Wish Scam

    Hello "Scams"

    My name is David Thomas, Jr. and I am the founder / promoter of the DT100, an annual charity go-karting event held each winter in Maine (organization based in New Hampshire). I did a Google search this afternoon on our event, and one of the first links that appeared was Scams.com (and of course your post). I can assure you after reading your post I am at a COMPLETE loss of words, and quite honestly having a little trouble typing my thoughts!

    You had two choices prior to doing what seems like a complete investigation of my life, and choices that would seem to take much less effort. 1. You could have simply called Make-A-Wish to verify our organization and our donations? 2. You could have called me. Instead, you researched my home's value, made "guestimates" of my personal income, and even went as far as to claim I use our Make-A-Wish donations as a personal tax deduction.

    I have worked a countless number of hours on our event. Working day and night to help build this into what it has become. I've taken time away from my family... my business... and more to ensure we are putting forth our best efforts. It is sacrifice, but I would have never changed a thing!

    You are wrong on my home value, you are wrong my mortgage, and you are REALLY wrong on my income. Another thing you are very wrong on is the claim that I use the money we raise as a personal tax deduction. I wonder how I can use the hundreds of check donations we receive throughout the year (made payable to Make-A-Wish I might add) for personal tax purposes? Even the most dishonest accountant in the world would not touch that! I'd be more than happy to send you a copy of our donations... I'd be more than happy to send you our letter from Make-A-Wish of New Hampshire stating how much we've sent in to them.

    You do not know me... I do not know you. What you HAVE done is claim you feel my organization (and myself) is dishonest. Working with a charitable organization like Make-A-Wish there is nothing that upsets me more than someone that will take advantage of them. Does it happen? Yes. Does it happen with the DT100? Absolutely not! I've faced many hurdles in producing our event each year, but this might be by far the worst. This questions the integrity of our supporters... our staff... and myself. I just wish rather than focus all of your efforts into prying into my personal life you made one simple call to Make-A-Wish? My personal number is everywhere, heck make a call to me? I would truly appreciate it after this you would consider removing your post from Scams.com. If not, I am going to request the moderator to do so. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right... slander is not and is illegal. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    David Thomas, Jr.
    DT100 for Make-A-Wish
    35 Franks Way
    Epping, NH 03042
    (603) 679-2700

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    Re: Make A Wish Scam

    I have a hard time telling if it is a scam or not. Seems to me like they do help out some. What do others think? Do you think that they are legit?

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    Re: Make A Wish Scam

    Highly doubt I would post a picture of me and my daughter at Make-A-Wish this spring if my charity event was a fraud. I must admit I am very upset with this website's moderator with the way in which this situation has been handled. I will continue on the path to help these very deserving young men and women... regardless of the naysayers who probably spend more time behind a keyboard making accusations instead of trying to make a difference in this world. Again, my name is David Thomas, Jr. and I am the founder of the DT100 for Make-A-Wish in NH. Anyone is more than welcome to call me on my personal line at (603) 679-2700 or call the NH Make-A-Wish office if there are any "credibility" concerns you may have? I apologize for what seems like any aggression on my end, but when you put so much time and hard work into something to help only to get a slap in the face... it can be quite frustrating.
    Last edited by David Thomas Jr.; 05-15-2015 at 05:39 AM.

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    Re: Make A Wish Scam

    Woe to the man that trusts charities.

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    Re: Make A Wish Scam

    Too many charities take funds and spend them on "administration costs" and pass very little on to the intended people in need in the charity. Check a charities financial reports to see they genuinely are getting 90% of there revenue donations to the people that need it.
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