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Thread: Nanny Scam

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    Nanny Scam

    Was looking into a babysitting job and this all just sounds too good to be true... and when I did a reverse image search of the child in an image that was attached all that came up was a some photos from a child modeling company in hawaii under a different name...
    Thanks so much for getting back to me with your interest regards the advertised babysitting position for my child via sittercity, I viewed your profile and I'm glad i found the right sitter for my kid. My Name is Man, my wife's name is Lady with our first child boy of 3 years old and my sister who is currently taking care of boy. My wife is 6 month's pregnant and we are in the process of re-locating back to your city and i will appreciate if you can recommend a good doctor for her when we arrive. I will be working on a contract basis with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in your area, doing private research work and am in need of someone who can help my wife as personal assistant when necessary and childcare for my son boy taking care of him as yours . You would only be needed for 4 hours in a day, 3 days in a week and i can only afford to pay 400$ pay week.We are a Christian family ...boy is a talented son and very bright. He is fun loving, kind and lovely. I have a Personal Assistant who is helping me with the re-location process.It's okay if you prefer to be a live-in or live-out as babysitter as i can drop him at your home everyday and will greatly appreciate if you will be delighted to accept this offer as we would be arriving on 20th of January 2015.If you accept this position, I will instruct my finance manager to process the payment for your first week upfront payment so that i can be rest assured of your availability for the job and wouldn't need to search for a Babysitter any more. As soon as i discuss everything with my finance manager i will get back to you on how you will be receiving the payment,and help us do some errands upon our arrival.If this employment opportunity is acceptable to you, kindly get back to me asap with the information below required for confirmation and further proceedings to take place:
    Full name: Contact Address: (No P.O. Box) Apt #: City, States and Zip code : Home & Cell numbers: Email Address : Age :
    I would love to have a phone interview with you after i receive your information.Our expected arrival date is 20th of January 2015 but my sister will be coming down with boy before then as I'm presently on a short business trip,All we ask from you is honesty and sincerity. And am sure you will enjoy the time you will spend with my son.Please do get in touch on time so that we can start making arrangements with our travel agency while i await your swift response regards this employment offer and the requested details.
    Have a pleasant day
    After looking through a lot of things on what to be wary of, I'm starting to think I should just ignore the e-mail but was wondering what others would think.

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    Re: Nanny Scam

    I personally feel that I would ignore it. It sounds like it might be a potential nanny scam and I would want nothing to do with it.

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