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    have you ever gotten revenge on someone that scammed you?

    We've all gotten scammed. It's just a part of life. But if you ever spent time and effort and energy on getting revenge on a scammer? Have you ever waited and then pounce on him when he was weak. Have you ever personally tried to sabotage their business because of them scam you for ripping you off? Post your anonymous replies here you can change some of the names so that it doesn't get back to the right company.
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    Re: have you ever gotten revenge on someone that scammed you?

    yes took ti9me but all my post on FB n twitter was hurting his new biz ... HE agreed under contract that if i remove the twitter posts to pay me all the thousands i lost from buzzbot.

    Somehow he found one here that i didnt know about swo i sent message to webmaster to have that removed.

    He finally done things right this time and is in the gaming industry now which is going to be huge.

    But Robert Kuntz is not to be trusted with anything ............. this new thing tho he has no buy ins available it's all partners of his promoting the games to be played online.

    They make money from people buying the games i think thats how it works.
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    Re: have you ever gotten revenge on someone that scammed you?

    I am currently getting revenge on TuneCore. If you google TuneCore Scams or TuneCore FBI you will see that they are a very sleazy company. My revenge is all legal in that I am posting links to news articles and complaints about them. When musician find out about them they won't use them and TuneCore will die on the vine. I filed a complaint with the FTC on them

    I heard about a really nasty thing you can do to a punk but I'm thinking it might be illegal. File an anonymous child abuse report on them but do it late Friday afternoon. CPS can be really nasty. They will take the kids and the punk parents will stew in their juices until Monday. If they don't have kids file an animal abuse report but call the ASPCA and they will contact animal control and both parties will show up with loaded for bear.

    I found out how nasty they can be when I had to call them for real on a neighbor. Some bitch took off for 3 weeks and left 4 dogs in her apartment. The ASPCA and Animal Control are dead serious. She got some big fines.

    There was an old trick that I don't you can do anymore unless you can hack their email and that is to a change of address on some punk and have their mail sent to another address. I would not recommend it but it is fun to think about.

    There are few things more satisfying than a little good old fashioned do it yourself justice. I think it is important to be proactive and preemptive. There are some industries that are super sleazy. The worst IMO is the medical industry. Recently in the news there was this pig named Heather Bresh. She is the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals seller of the Epipen. She raised the price from $50 to $400. She should be in prison but instead, she got a HUGE raise. The criminal elite are above the law. She has a huge target on her back.

    The best thing I did was when I destroyed a guy's life who did me some serious dirt. He screwed me over in a band I was in. After I was gone the band twisted in the wind for a while and finally fell apart. He came sniffing around the new band I was with. I knew this guy had a history of cheating on his wife so I introduced him to this crazy slut and he took the bait. A few months later I had a female friend call his house when I knew he wasn't home and she asked for him. His wife asked, "Who's this?" my friend asked, "Who's this" and Wifey responded, "I'm his wife" my friend responded, "He never told me he was married" and then she preceded to fill Wifey in on Hubby's cheating. Her lawyer nailed him! He ended up marrying the crazy slut I introduced him to. She cheated on him. His wife was the best thing for him because without her his life fell apart.

    Stick it to the punks! It makes the world a better place.

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