same clan who thinks:

1) The USA was founded on Christianity
2) That Global Warming is a scam
3) That Reagan never raised taxes or the debt ceiling

The clan called "Conservatives" have no clue as to the diffc between Sunni and Shia ... but then again why would that be surprising considering their hero named 43 said what?

A year after his “Axis of Evil” speech before the U.S. Congress, President Bush met with three Iraqi Americans, one of whom became postwar Iraq’s first representative to the United States. The three described what they thought would be the political situation after the fall of Saddam Hussein. During their conversation with the President, Galbraith claims, it became apparent to them that Bush was unfamiliar with the distinction between Sunnis and Shiites. Galbraith reports that the three of them spent some time explaining to Bush that there are two different sects in Islam–to which the President allegedly responded, “I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!"