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    I love my samsung galaxy s4 note phone

    this is my first post that I am using my new galaxy s4 note phone with voice recognition software. I'm sitting here watching football and talking into my phone during commercials updating my website checking my email checking out my buddies on Facebook and posting pictures to Instagram. My favorite feature is the speak and type it is absolutely going to save me 3 to 5 hours of typing a day in my post will be more original instead of cutting and pasting a lot longer. I highly recommend this phone. Changing my whole life.
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    Re: I love my samsung galaxy s4 note phone

    I've been using my samsung galaxy 4 note. I've gotten the hang of it a little bit better. I can do a post here on scam dot com just by talking around 75 words a minute if it's something that I'm passionate about. Yes once in awhile sentences run on a little bit and I have to go back in at it but I can really crank up the words with the same if you are more of a creative person and you just need to get your ideas down like raw text content ugadhi is this is voice you absolutely have to and then then you'll open up a whole new world in productivity and efficiency I swear.

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    Re: I love my samsung galaxy s4 note phone


    I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 from last 1 year and still it has capability to give tough competition to latest Galaxy S5. I am not going to buy Galaxy S5 that offers just few upgraded features than S4 like 0.1 inch larger screen and other useless features like heart sensor and touch wiz finger print sensor. Even I am satisfied with the battery backup of Galaxy S4 which after fully charged on wireless charging pad.

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    Re: I love my samsung galaxy s4 note phone

    I like S5 because it has more good and interesting features. I almost used a lot of handsets of Samsung.
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    Re: I love my samsung galaxy s4 note phone

    Samsung is the greatest phone. But it is very unfortunate for me that i have no:1crysad:

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