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    China Opportunities - Work At Home Fraud - Posting Job Ads That Scam Others!

    Beware all of anyone who asks you to post ads on Echinacities.com, Craigslist.com, Kijiji.com, Indeed.ca, and Sinocities.com. They use a dozen different names, have great websites, addresses, and over 3,000 email addresses and telephone numbers they actually answer. It all looks legit and they offer to pay $5 for every ad you post for them related to China in one of the following categories:

    * Work in China

    * Translators

    * English Proof-Readers & Editors

    * Study Abroad

    * Study In China

    * China Travel Agents

    * University Recruiters

    * Teach In China

    * China Internships

    * HR Specialists

    Many foreigners using the names of Yuri, Chris, Vivian, Edward, etc are involved but they are all based in Beijing or Shanghai where they cannot be prosecuted nor even traced through their disposable mobile phone numbers listed as official telephone numbers of the companies that all have official sounding names like Great Wall Travel & Tours, China ESL, CUCAS, China ESL Recruitment Center, CRCC, China Bilingo, Gi2C, China Biz Network, China B2B, etc.

    The entire scheme is designed for them to collect resumes which they can sell for $300 each to identity thieves - roughly 5,000 every month. So to reach their goal they will offer to pay you and about 300 others every month a $1,000-$3,000 bonus if you meet your quota of 1,000 ads a month. DO THE MATH 300 gullible marks posting 1,000 ads that are typically like this one here...

    "Earn $3,000 Tax-Free Income In China As An English Editor. If you can read and write fluent English and have a modest vocabulary of at least 2,000 words, we need you to work in China initially for 3 months and then you can return to your homeland to work with us by email and skype. All training and housing is fully paid along with air-fare reimbursement. You must be a native English speaker at least 18 years of age. Send your resume and passport scan to Ronald_B****[email protected]"

    After six weeks you are expecting a check for $6,000 and you get squat. When you complain they will say there was a wire-transfer glitch and urge you to keep working. They assure you that within 10 days everything will be fixed. Usually by the end of month 2 the website has disappeared (another will take its place) and the telephone number is not in service. Your emails will be ignored and you have been had, while hundreds of young gullible people who responded to the ads you posted, are about to get stung for an even more costly scam...


    China ID Thieves Now Target 500 Expats Monthly As "Agents" - China Business Central - Open Salon



    If you do manage to track one of them down in China somehow, they will scare you off by saying the IRS just busted their office in Los Angeles, and froze their bank accounts. "Don't call or email us further in case they go after our email logs and phone records!" Retirees and unemployed housewives are most attracted to this scam along with new uni grads who can't find suitable employment. To get an idea of just how BIG this scam is becoming see http://www.translator-scammers.com/

    To check out any opportunity related to China visit http://ChinaScamWatch.org and http://www.CleverChinaCheaters.com.
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    Re: China Opportunities - Work At Home Fraud - Posting Job Ads That Scam Others!

    To me this screams total scam. I would never do this but for many they probably think, hey if I post 10 a day that is a quick easy $50. So sad.

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