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    Esemsys online job offer scam

    I've been looking for a part-time job lately and I applied to a few jobs online. So I receive today this very interesting e-mail about how I am already offered a position at a company called Esemsys. The e-mail I received contains an Employment Agreement pdf file as well as a Job Description pdf file, which claims for a really nice pay and asks for me to send a scan of my ID or passport.
    Now already this seems weird for them to ask for such information by e-mail. So I decided to google their name, and guess what, nothing turns up. They do provide a website in the e-mail, which is www.esemsys.com. Upon further investigation I start looking into articles they have posted on their website, which it turns out they copied from another company's website called Candesic that turns out to be exactly identical. Now this seems to be a real company. You can compare the two websites, the real one seems to be this one - www.candesic.com.
    Now I'm pretty sure this is a scam and I wonder if there is any action that could be taken to take down the website at least.

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    Re: Esemsys online job offer scam

    If they copied from another website, I would have to say that it most likely a scam. I have never heard of Eseernsys or any online jobs that they offer, but I would be sure to steer clear of it.

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