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    Having your kids work for you

    Are you a proud parent and are thinking of having your kids work with or for you, well here is my thoughts:

    I was their example, and I set the example. That goes for my children and my organization.
    My children saw how hard I worked every day, and that work ethic was apparent since their early years. I am fortunate that they love their work and are very disciplined. I made sure that working with me was their choice–I didn't want them here if they weren't passionate about what they were doing. I haven't really had to mentor them--they watch, listen, learn, and apply. They've done a tremendous job and I'm very proud of them.

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    Re: Having your kids work for you

    I do feel that having your kids work for you is a great way to prepare them for life. They should see that hard work does pay off.

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