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Thread: Pacquiao News

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    Pacquiao News

    As the rhetoric between the two boxers grows, Manny Pacquiao hasn't minced words when it comes to a potential fight with pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. On Tuesday, Pacquiao went to the undefeated Mayweather on Twitter to let him know he's ready. Mayweather-Pacquiao is a fight boxing fans have craved since 2009 but one that never has been agreed to due to various unsuccessful negotiations. But a potential showdown seemingly took a step toward fruition Friday night when Mayweather said during a Showtime interview that he wants to fight Pacquiao next and wants it to be May 2, the Cinco de Mayo weekend that Mayweather has regularly fought on. "We are ready. Let's make it happen. May 2. Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao. Let's do it," Mayweather said. The interview included Mayweather's first extended remarks on the prospect of the fight in quite some time, and it was the first time he directly said he wanted to fight Pacquiao...

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    Re: Pacquiao News

    Ich bin so dankbar, dass endlich jemand darüber geschrieben hat. Heutzutage wissen die Leute wenig darüber und das macht mich wütend. Ich rate den Leuten immer, nach zusätzlichen Informationen zu suchen: https://kraeuterpraxis.de/blog/warum...ung-verwenden/. Dies ist für ein vollständiges Verständnis der Mittel erforderlich.

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