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    Is Google Scamming?

    Web sites that accept Google Adwords ads get paid per click through. Until recently Google cut a cheque for the web site's accumulated fees the frequency being based on $ volume.Now Google wants to deposit the money directly into the web site owner's bank account. Fair enough! The process involves providing Google with your bank code, transit code and account # all of which is encoded on your cheques. Its a no brainer to provide. Google will then make a nominal deposit within 2-5 days and you then confirm the amount on your AdSense account. Well I did it once no deposit waited 10 days tried again no deposit then a 3rd time with a different bank (first was a Credit Union) and still no response.

    I really can't imagine Google are playing cute and I am confident correct info was provided. But what if...... this would be a billion $ scam!!!

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    Re: Is Google Scamming?

    Google is not a scam.:judges:

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    Re: Is Google Scamming?

    Google is the best site out there. 100% of my time goes to the Google when I am online.
    I always use google search.

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