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    Elbid Imaging scam

    The person will try & hire you through a Yahoo Messenger interview & tell you that a check is on the way to pay for your necessary office eqpt.
    You can find a similar post on here referring to that list of software to purchase:

    "BS 1 Accounting software ,MYOB business essentials software ,Peach Tree Software ( US Patent Single Users Pack ),simply accounting . Microsoft Office Accounting,Sirius GT Accounting For Windows"

    Definitely a scam- they'll end up wanting to wire money to a specified vendor.
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    Re: Elbid Imaging scam

    Sounds like the classic check processing scam. They wouldn't still be doing it if people didn't fall for it.

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    Re: Elbid Imaging scam

    Well if you ask me that was the most possible poor way to try and scam :&. To old

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