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    Employment scam from New Generation Students Center?

    A friend of mine was emailed a job offer from a brand new company with a five-day old website. It seems sketchy; for example, all of the employees' pictures look like stock photos. The email contained a pdf link for a description of the position. He was dubious and did not click on it. I couldn't find any information on various scam-watch sites, as this site is so new. So what do YOU think, reddit?
    Link to the company: http://newgscenter.com

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    Re: Employment scam from New Generation Students Center?

    I got the same email. I'm not sure about the company but sounds fishy to me.. I can't find anything about the company expect through their own website. Also, I cross referenced some of the names and pictures from their testimonials with the UK version of their site and I got 2 different pictures and testimonials for one of the same girls names.. How do they have testimonials if you can't locate their company. I also Googled both addresses under their locations... They must think I'm an idiot or something. I don't know how they got my email address either.

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    Re: Employment scam from New Generation Students Center?

    So, everyone I want to tell you about a company that is offering an Executive Assistant position with New Generation Students Center over email. This company is trying to scam individuals. I actually started to work with them until things just were not adding up. I never applied to the position or had an interview. They just hired me. The big red flag for me and the final straw was when they sent me a form to fill out for direct deposit and business transactions. Also the site was registered only 7 days ago. I did a bunch of research on them to come to the conclusion that they were trying to scam me into giving them my bank information. They are targeting individuals that are seeking employment, and yes I was a sucker for falling for the position. All of the personal on the web site are fake and don't exist. Also, the address links to the middle of an intersection in Oregon and not associated with any buildings in the area. When I confronted them they had no response to my questions. The web site is http://newgscenter.com/. WATCH OUT! They may seem legit but they are not. SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO GET THEM SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!
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    Re: Employment scam from New Generation Students Center?

    First e-mail I got from them:

    MGT Center is a global organization devoted to promoting
    cross-cultural engagement through work and study exchange programs.
    MGT Center is now looking for Executive Assistant.
    Your initial task will be to carry out specific projects and
    researches as part of the job.
    You will report directly to the Supervising Manager and your normal
    working hours are expected to be 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday,
    part time shifts are available as well.
    Salary start from $22.50 per hour
    To apply e-mail us at [email protected] with your phone number and wait for response within next 24h - 48h.
    MGT Center

    Second e-mail:

    Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for New Generation Students Center (NGSC). We are delighted to make you the following job offer.

    We are offering you a position of Executive Assistant. This position requires the individual to be comfortable in a challenging, fast-paced work environment, working with minimal supervision.

    You will report directly to the supervising manager and be a member of our Team. Your initial task will be to carry out specific projects and researches as part of the job along with the team members, but there will be many other projects associated with our overall student exchange programs that will need your attention. The Executive Assistant contributes to the mission of NGS Center by assisting our students permanent housing and study programs.....

    Then look up the site it's only been up for 9 days... Then I also notice. How did the name of the company change from MGT Center to NGS Center. Then I found this site and this thread. It's a SCAM.

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