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    The end of the world will be June 30, 2015

    You heard it here first. A giant asteroid will be close or hit the Earth on June 30, 2015 or near that and it will start the end of the world as we know it. A mountain sized asteroid is coming and God only knows the radiation or set up events it may start. Vlad you know this other Vlad?

    Even though experts say the giant object, known as 2014 UR116, poses no immediate threat of collision, its unexpected discovery underscores how little is still known about asteroids and their unpredictable orbits.

    Vladimir Lipunov, a professor at Moscow State University, announced the find in a short documentary, "Asteroid Attack," posted on the website of the Russian Space Agency on Sunday. Mr. Lipunov says the asteroid, which he calculates is 370 meters in diameter, could hit the Earth with an explosion 1,000 times greater than the surprise 2013 impact of a bus-sized meteor in Russia. That object entered Earth’s atmosphere over the city of Chelyabinsk, resulting in a series of ferocious blasts that blew out windows and damaged buildings for miles around. Source
    A movement of scientists, astronauts, musicians, and businesspeople have launched a campaign to dramatize the danger and seek ways of protecting Earth from what seems like an inevitable destructive collision. They declared June 30, 2015, the world's first Asteroid Day.

    Imagine some foreign disease that makes Ebola look like a picnic! The tidal waves and Tsunamis, earthquakes, death. We are simply ants, so very fragile.

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    Re: The end of the world will be June 30, 2015

    That is a bold statement to make Maybe! I'd be good with that date for the end of the word being June 30, 2015. I've had a good run on life, I'd love to hang out in heaven with my passed family and friends.

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