So they called me saying my good friend full name had just enjoyed one of these calls and had wanted to send one to me. They said it was perfect if I was feeling stressed out, and it's near finals, so I assumed she had sent this as a cute joke-y call. I am a girl, the person on the phone was a man, but he sounded pretty dweeby so I figured there was no way he would be a sex line operator. Plus, my friend sent it! He also sounded trained so I definitely don't think it was some guy alone in his basement, it sounded professional. Besides, she wouldn't send a sex call, right? Anyway, for about 5-6 minutes he told me to relax, take deep breaths, yada yada yada, asked me to choose from a variety of peaceful settings (I chose meadow). This entire time I was silently cracking up over the phone and thinking of how funny my friend was. Finally, he said "Okay, this is where people often go change into something a little more comfortable or sensuous (first red flag) and maybe go get their favorite lotion or oil (second red flag)." So I was confused at first and it still wasn't clicking that it was sexual. I told him matter of factly that I was wearing a shirt and shorts and "uhhh.. I have some vitamin E oil from trader joes?" At this point he started getting a little frustrated and said in a still very soothing voice "Okay well also sometimes people bring in their favorite toys. But sometimes people don't even need them." Andddddddd this is when I realized it was a sex call. 11 minutes in. So what gives??

If this helps, my friend says in her university email, sometimes she gets scammy emails that are from random addresses but have my name as the sender. She thinks this means that the hack or scam is coming from her side. Please help!