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    New here. Do you post "real life have been scammed" experiences

    Wasn't sure if this was the forum. I recently (begining of Sept 2005) started a blog about me and a few other victims of a store & store owner (really one and the same). It is more like a blog chat room now, with over 400 comments posted. The real life stories explain how when you enter into any contract (home imporvement -interior design - kitchen remodelling - home furnishings) that if you get 1/3 or less of your stuff it becomes a potatoe nobody wants to handle. Just goes to show you can blatantly rip off 300,000 - 400,000 $ and get away with it. :mad:
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    Re: New here. Do you post "real life have been scammed" experiences

    The 400 comments include about 40 or 50 new victims. Anyone entering into any typ[e of home imporovement project should really know what their liabilities are, and work from a payment schedule as opposed to big doen payments. :(

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    Re: New here. Do you post "real life have been scammed" experiences

    Tell us more!

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    Re: New here. Do you post "real life have been scammed" experiences

    Good evening anyone
    I think I went to a scam on Monday with a friend. She said she "won" the fees for two to go to an all day seminar located about 120 miles from my home. I watchhed as about 30 people invested hard earned money to Storesonline.
    I watch alot of court TV so when we arrived I went back out to the parking lot and watched them write down all the license plate numbers. They gave out a form to fill out asking for my SS#, age, address, if I owned or rented my home and the value and my income. I wrote my SS# was private and on my age I wrote a real woman never tells and when they wanted to have a conseling session with me I told them I only had 6 months to live so they left me alone......After I returned home I looked the company up on the net and was quite saddened for the people who were so swiftly hoooked in. They did not allow anyone to read the folder or the information describing the program and fees.
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