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    Re: Investools, Success Magazine, Phil Town

    Interesting post. Did he give you any suggestions on how to learn to invest and make money? Or did he just slam his competition...yes his competition.

    I can appreciate his perspective however you are the one who feel for the sales pitch on the other side. What kind of car and house does he own. How did he pay for it.

    Let's face it stock brokers and funds make their money on fees....and they make a ton. Why is that more admirable than someone making money teaching people to trade and or invest wisely?

    Did that broker protect his clients in the huge drop in the market by utilizing protective put strategies or having a mix of shorts in the portfolio or even selling calls to bring in some additional premium as the underlying assets were taking a beating?

    I doubt it - if he did his is in the top 1% of brokers and as a result would be inaccessible to the everyday investor who could not meet his minimum requirement for assets under management.

    Who do you think made more money in the past 10 years - the owners of invest tools or JP Morgan, Goldman, or who ever. If you are going to be critical - be smart enough to look both ways before entering traffic.

    I embrace critical thinking - do you have any positive suggestions on how the average everyday investor could make some money in the markets and where he could go to learn this? Perhaps your stock broker friend could give out his number...I wonder how much he charges...and if he even uses hedging strategies other than just buying a lot of different stocks in different sectors (which all went down in the drop!).

    Let us know where we should go to learn.

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    Re: Investools, Success Magazine, Phil Town

    Interesting posts. I recently attended the seminar in Milwaukee. They were offering the two day course for only $99. I went to the same get motivated seminar 4 years ago and the course was $495.

    So if I wait another 4 years it will be $25, right?

    Can I learn one new thing for $99. I am debating on going. I usually dont fall for the seminar hype. Thoughts?

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    Re: Investools, Success Magazine, Phil Town

    I am interested in hearing the advice for the last entry....I also purchased the 'first' 2-day class for $99. yesterday in Chicago.

    On one hand, it's worth $99. to learn just a few little things....but from what I'm hearing one already needs to be familiar with stocks/trading, etc.....I am the furthest from understanding the market....being a fine artist.

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    Re: Investools, Success Magazine, Phil Town

    I currently work as an engineer tech for an aerospace company and going to school. I have 2 boys (2 and 9), and my wife is starting a new job. Therefore we are spread very thin. I am wanting to do complete research on this company and truly see how legit they are and if so how I can make it work for me. I know nothing about investing but thought I may could take out of my roth ira to pay for the costs, and place some of it to start out with my own investments? Is this a good idea already being spread so thin? constructive feedback appreciated.

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