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    Beware of China ESL & TEFL Recruiter Cloned Scam Web Sites Targeting Foreign Teachers!

    Warning! Attack of the ESL Scam Website Clones Has Begun!

    I had a long teleconference yesterday with our friends at China Scam Patrol which stumbled upon the newest China scam trend that is designed to avoid being linked to known existing scam china foreign teacher scam recruiters - the attack of the anonymous clone web sites!

    Since there are now quite a few China blacklists that exposing dozens of dodgy recruiters every week, the fraudsters know it is only a matter of time before they get identified on the China Liar's List or on the CFTU blacklist, or Wolf Watch. So here is their ingenious solution...

    They continue to buy cheap domains under various ESL names and then using Wixi or some other free web site template program create multiple recruiting sites that provide nothing more than a fictional company name and an automated resume submission link, and a list of over 100 fake jobs that look much better than real jobs posted by EF, Disney, XDF, and others. But you will not find any link indicating a company address, company telephone number, or any specific information. Although there may be five or six buttons, they all link back to the automated resume upload link!

    In essence, all of these cloned sites do not reveal any verifiable information about themselves and ask you to "upload your resume for an interview". So right from the start you have no clue who you are dealing with - perhaps even an identity thief, or in the case of NewWorldESL.com, a police sting checking on visa violators. CSP did send in a dummy resume and within 2 days was contacted by a China ESL front company (the largest China ESL scam in history). Without actually following through with a resume submission, there is no way to know who is behind the scam.

    But they all have the following in common from what CSP discovered:

    1) None of them provide land-line telephone numbers that can be verified
    2) None of the company names used have SAIC business licenses on file in China
    3) No company officials are named
    4) No verifiable street address for their office is provided
    5) None of them mention the requirement of a Z visa or bachelor degree
    6) All of them require you to upload your resume and/or your passport scan
    7) The websites are all fairly new - not one of them is older than 1-2 years

    There are literally dozens of these sites popping up as your read these words. Do not fall for this obvious scam friends. You may think it is harmless to apply but reading this article may change your mind: http://open.salon.com/blog/china_bus...pats_monthly_1

    Also remember that ANY China ESL or TEFL job recruiter who does not provide you a Z Visa is either an unlicensed scam recruiter or an identity thief. And whatever invitation letter they send you must indicate that you are coming to China to work!
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