Whether to physical muscles are you thought forms if you not working on keeping him out there headed down and you accumulated repetitions and thats what has been serious spiritual path is and that's what meditation is and thats what prayer is I missed in the course in miracles Slimera Garcinia Cambogia the course is not claim to be for everybody if it's for you know it on their are there is some path for everybody a there are there world's great religions that have all they all have their mystical teachings which are at the core you know separate from organized dog when doctor in on their meditation have every person there is like I said if youre if you're interested in it it'll occur to you it'll be at somebodys house it'll be a book on the floor whatever but it does take daily practice and I think that a very important issue that's also very similar to physical exercise you never get to a point where you dont much physical exercise that you look in the mirror and 0 go Im not to do any more mom on any day that you stop doing tithe muscles will head back down and the same until youre I guess the level the Avatar the enlightened master something which I'm not so I cant no but I know the level any beneath that the fact that you did yesterday neon dot have today I'll be wholly said temptations and the higher you get right to hire this Saturday so the way life operates in my experience in every way I know is had a really 10 got it was really nice the way you handle that was really great you really dignified elegant wiser as that because it comes to left field.