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    Is Paying Money for Internship a Scam?

    I went to China for an internship a year ago in 2013. My internship was arranged by one of companies that specialising in internship placement in China. Because I had the company arranged the internship for me, I had to pay some fee. A lot of people said that paying money for an internship is ridiculous and it is a scam. However, I disagree as my experience proved otherwise. I can't specify which company I contacted for my internship. First, I don't want to sound bias by promoting the company. Second, I think it is best for anyone wanting to go for internship in China to look up some information and decide whether paying money for an internship is something right to do.

    There are a lot of companies that arrange China internship for university students such as Absolute Internship, CRCC Asia, Hutong School, Intern China, Tic Two. As I said before, I'm not endorsing any of these companies. Instead, I would recommend for anyone who is interested to come to China for an internship to do some research beforehand. There are several criteria you want to look for to decide whether a company is a scam or not:

    1. How long the company has been established
    Generally the longer the company has been around, the less likely the company to be a scam.

    2. Past Interns' testimonial
    Read what the past interns had to say about the company. Did they give a lot of reviews? Also look up whether the company received a lot of complaints from its clients.

    3. External/Third Party Reviews
    Apart from past interns' reviews, you want to extend your research for other reputable third parties' reviews such as Wall Street Journal or BBC.

    4. The Company’s Contact Details
    A legitimate company will not be afraid posting their whereabouts. This company is also easy to be contacted.

    5. Government and University Partnerships
    Contact the company and ask whether they have partnership with local universities or local government where you live. After that you should go and confirm their statement.

    The website below gives more insight about China internship scams.

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    Re: Is Paying Money for Internship a Scam?

    I have never heard of paying for an internship. But if you did your research, then you did the right thing. I agree that the longer the company has been around the better.

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    Re: Is Paying Money for Internship a Scam?

    Matthew posted this same post in a few places so I suspect he has some internship he is peddling. IMO people who pay money to work for free or damn near free are brain dead. All the big name Fortune 500 internships are available for free - especially in China. Just call the HR office, tell them your availability and send the your resume. Here are some useful web sites:



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    Re: Is Paying Money for Internship a Scam?

    As you know, I agree with you Meteor. Why pay thousands of dollars for something you can get for free and have a 50% chance of getting swindled. See here for a better explanation of what I am talking about: http://chinaintershipnews.wordpress.com

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