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    The Godfather was the greatest movie ever made

    Winner of three Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Godfather was nominated for an additional eight Oscars. The greatest movie ever made! The brainchild of celebrated author Mario Puzo, the film is considered the crowning achievement of Francis Ford Coppolas directing career. With intriguing depth, it provides audiences with a glimpse into the notorious underworld of warring New York crime families. As a result, The Godfather transformed a number of relatively unknown actors into Hollywood legends, among them being James Caan, Al Pacino, and Robert Duvall (all three of whom were nominated for Best Supporting Actor). In addition, Marlon Brando turns in, arguably, the most memorable performance of his career. Certainly among the top five films of all time, an excellent case could be made that The Godfather is the most perfect movie ever produced

    The film opens as ìDonî Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) hosts his daughters wedding, where he actively entertains his friends and business associates. Vitoís favorite son Michael (Al Pacino) has come home from the war (World War II), and hes determined to do something different with his life, and his ambitious plans dont include joining the family business. An idealist at heart, the young Michael seduces his girlfriend Kay (Diane Keaton) with inspiring tales of the fine and upstanding things he will do with his life. Through the eyes of Michael, the audience learns of the familyís various business methods and the hierarchy of its system. Vitoís eldest son Sonny (James Caan) is the heir apparent to his fathers empire. Middle son Fredo (John Cazale) performs his part in the business, but few consider him a possible successor. Providing legal council to the family is Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), a long-time friend of the family who Michael treats as a brother.

    Life is good for the Corleone family until the day Vito is approached by an opportunistic newcomer named Virgil The Turk Sollozzo (Al Lettieri), an ambitious leader who aspires to become the number one distributor of illegal narcotics in New York. He asks for the Donís blessing so he can expand his operations. But Vito sees a big difference between the traditional mafia activities of gambling and prostitution and the less-than-noble profession of selling drugs in schoolyards and family neighborhoods. The Dons preference for placing family above all else creates a direct conflict with the changing landscape of his business world.

    When competing crime families are more accommodating to Sollozzoís business proposal, the enterprise sparks a deadly conflict between the crime families which quickly escalates into all-out war. Despite Vitoís attempts to put an end to the conflict in its early stages, his beloved firstborn, Sonny, becomes the target of gangland assassination. When an attempt is made on Vitoís life, Michael is drawn into the family business despite his reservations, and the overriding theme of family first comes to dominant his life in much the same way its dominated that of his father

    A dramatic story of family and change, of youthful idealism and the pragmatism of adulthood, The Godfather is the greatest mafia film ever produced, and perhaps as the best drama in all of cinema history. Al Pacino would soon follow up his masterful performance with The Godfather II, and countless other films in the decades since, forever cementing his place among the immortals Hollywood. As such, The Godfather is a film all movie lovers should see at least one. Widely heralded as one of the best written films in existence, itís a definite must-see for any serious cinema aficionado
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    Re: The Godfather was the greatest movie ever made

    Yes I will agree with you there. The Godfather was an excellent movie. I have seen it a few times and loved it both times.

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