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    Who wants money!!!!!!!!

    Ok guys and girls....I found the perfect way to scam you out of your money. I have tried many workathome scams and many affiliate programs and no money. So I went ahead and tried 1 more for the last time.....welll i did and im going to be getting my first $440 dollar check.....well that might not sound to great but that is with only 255 hours of work. Its with allsat ...getting people to buy dishnetwork. I have 4 homes that are getting ****ed...and they are my friends and also family. Soon to be former friends and estranged family.
    go there to sign up for this...once on the site go to the affiliate program section...and fill out the info...dosnt cost a damn thing..well i am going to start printing out fliers this weekend so i can post them at different business and stuff like that...so get on the site and make some damn money....i will holla at ya later when I am headed to jail!
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