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    WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    Hello People,

    DeeDee here again, putting forward an idea, a challenge, a way to make change(?).

    I live in Los Angeles Ca. Here is sunny SoCal, we have a radio station called KPFK 90.7FM. On this station, during their begging......uh..fund drives, they offer many "premiums." One "premium is a film by Robert Greenwald called "WAL-MART: The High cost of Low Price." This film is about Walmart and their dastardly deeds, unfair labor practices, gender, race discrimination.

    ~What I was thinking was, how many of the people here shop at Walmart?
    ~Do you have to for economic reasons?
    ~Can you shop somewhere else?
    ~If you can shop elsewhere, would you, if presented with information about Walmart engaging in unfair labor practices, gender, racial discrimination, not paying overtime, etc.?

    I will say right now, I do not shop at Walmart. I was a union employee, and the thought of Walmart makes my skin crawl. I worked in the grocery business, and while I understood the shoppers coming every month to buy money orders, pay bills, cash SSI, Social Security, Welfare, checks had to shop where the prices are lowest. My understanding was strained when fellow employees shopped at a place that eventually resulted in a union contract that took us back 50 years. I am not talking about part-time employees, or employees with familles, I am talking about Store Directors, second, third tier store management.

    My thought is also, one way to effect change is on a personal level make choices that impact the corporations, media, is to buy, participate in patronize, the companies that are in the business of contributing the common good. Another way is to show these documentaries to people we know have beliefs and views, that if shown, given, offered *more* information might begin to see things from different angle.

    I have some links: two films, a film company, and a link to Barbara Ehrenreich. She has written two books challenging the myth of the "American Dream." Maybe armed with knowledge, citizens can change the wrongs we all discuss, debate, and point out on this and many other message boards. Or maybe I am wrong. Time will tell. This is my small contribution.

    WALMART: The Movie

    The Corporation: The Movie

    Bait and Switch

    Nickeled and Dimed

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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    Way to go, DeeDee! BOYCOTT WALMART!

    You left out one of the main reasons Wal-Mart is on my boycott list, which is their intentional, strategic targeting of small town America, particularly ones in regions with a lot of tourism and built their stores near the intersection of the main highways with the feeder roads leading into the towns.

    With such strategic locations, Wal-Mart was able to not only capture tourist traffic inbound to the town centers, but also the customers from outlying rural areas that shopped in town. The solid 1-2 punch of location and discount pricing has bankrupted small town merchants and turned once lovely little town squares into boarded up slums.

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    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    Way to go Dee Dee. My daughter works at WalMart, at least until she can land a job somewhere else. (full time employment is very hard to find and finding two part time jobs that don't conflict even harder). I shop as little as possible there, preferring the quality I get elsewhere over the low prices. If people in larger cities will look around, you can usually find prices that beat the hell out of WalMarts prices any day of the week.

    The links are great, can't wait to share them with my uninformed friends who are Walmart fanatics. LOL.


    Lady Mod

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    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    I totally agree with tommy here... "Wally World", as my 5 yr. old nephew calls it, has put several of the small "Mom & Pop" specialty stores around here OUT OF BUSINESS. We are VERY close to losing ToysRUs - Wal-Mart moved in right next to them last year and if this Christmas is as bad as last year, they are gone. Wal-Mart seems to get in where ever they want to go, regardless of the protests at zoning board meetings, etc., where area residents fight to keep them out. As always, money talks, I guess... and God knows, they have plenty of THAT!

    I don't see anything EVER stopping them... the parking lots of the two around here are ALWAYS packed. Almost everyone I know shops there, especially around Christmas. Most people just don't care about the "politics". Wal-Mart has EVERYTHING... they have the market tied up when it comes to convenient shopping. People are crazy busy these days, so if they can make one stop, instead of 2 or 3.. they WILL.

    I do have an uncle who HATES Wal-Mart; he says, "There's something very sickening about buying your food in the same store where you can buy a toilet"!! :eek:

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    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    I shop for specifics at the moms and pops. But I also shop at wally's when I don't want to spend 8 gallons of fuel to get a two dollar item.

    Hey, is that tommy in the bathroom on the following video? Funny!


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    Brothers Sam and Roy Walton and their sons, were just aggressive NW Arkansas general store keepers. They built their fortunes on very simple merchandising principles.
    common to all the successful chains of discount department stores.

    One of the main ones that is killing off their competition is controlling the supply side by buying in such incredible volumes and getting such deep discounts by doing so, that smaller competitors can't compete.

    I actually ran into a situation with the plastic molding company, Plano, where the wholesaler of some tackle boxes that I wanted to resell as bead and stone organizers could not sell me a case of them for less at wholesale than it would cost me to buy them retail from Wally World and Plano wouldn't sell to me at all unless I bought a pallet load.

    Read old Sam's autobiography sometime. Location! Location! Location!
    The scene CV describes, building in a mall environment near other large, but more specialized stores like Toys 'R' Us, is SOP for the Wally World Waltons. Even though it may cut into their toy sales for that unit, the losses are more than balanced by the extra traffic the other store generates for them by their geographical propinquity.

    That really shows during the holiday gift shopping seasons: Valentine's Day, Easter Mother's Day-Father's Day-Grad's Day, Halloween and the annual winter orgy that begins the day after Thanksgiving and runs until it peters out just in time to restock for Valentine's day.

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    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    Hi People,

    Thanks Tommy, Lady Mod. CV, and Raider. I think armed with knowledge, we can make this into the country WE want, and deserve. History shows change starts slow and then builds to a critical mass.

    Lady Mod, I believe you will see on the Walmart website when you buy the DVD you can buy the film in bulk, and RESELL the copies or give them away.

    CV, I hear what you are saying about Walmart taking over the world. LOL :) But there ARE cites, municipalities, towns small and large that have KEPT WALMART OUT!!
    Just a few:

    Walmart market failures


    Those examples of REAL change and the ability of the citizenry to STOP WALMART, made me a believer. There is hope that together WE can have the kind of country we want. I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it, that is why I am posting those links. If people KNOW they can do something they will. Pollyanna, maybe, a real possibility for change DEFINITELY. :D

    What about the rest of you all, got any stories to tell? :)


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    tornado alley

    Re: WalMart, Corporate Greed: Are WE as MAD as HELL or what?

    I think Wal-mart can go ahead & stop bringing new merchandise into their stores. They have enough (too much) of the market covered as it is.
    You can buy almost anything at Wal-mart. What they don't sell in their stores, you can usually find it at Wal-mart online....... and don't forget about Sam's Club.

    Wal-mart was bringing in enough $$ long before they cornered the "food" market. If they keep going, I can see all business having to close their doors.

    Where I live, Wal-mart has taken over almost everything. Grocery stores are just barely staying in business. Albertsons is getting almost 0 business since Wal-mart moved down the street 2 yrs ago.

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